Integrated Power Management and Monitoring Unit

Integrated power management and monitoring unit is a customized solution for providing quality power with monitoring of various power parameters, logging of faulty parts and faulty power equipments and transmitting data logs to service stations, main computers and various other locations using GPRS \ GSM \ CDMA Route.

This unit performs multi functional jobs like: Automatic Mains Transfer, Voltage Regulation, Fire \ Smoke Detection, Surge Protection, Power Line Isolation, Remote monitoring along with various power protections and features like timer unit for on \ off of Aviation lamps, Automation By- pass etc.

Capacity 2.5KVA single phase to 15KVA single phase 7.5KVA three phase to 45KVA three phase
Input Voltage 140V – 280V 1PH AC and 110 – 270V 1PH AC 50Hz. 240V – 485V 3PH AC and 190 – 470V 3PH AC 50Hz
Optional Input range Design also available for 90 – 270V AC single phase. Design also available for 155 – 470V AC three phase.
IP Protection IP 20 for indoor applications and IP 55 for outdoor Applications
Construction Modular design and as per drawing provided by customer
Size As per site and OEM requirement
Alarms As per site and OEM requirement
Visual Indication As per site and OEM requirement
Details of power log As per site and OEM requirement
Additional Features As per site and OEM requirement
Rack System As per site and OEM requirement
  • 1.Isolation Transformer
  • 2.Static Voltage Regulator
  • 3.Good phase selector
  • 4.AMF panel
  • 5.LT panel
  • 6.Air Conditioner control system
  • 7.Temperature Controller
  • 8.Fire and smoke detection system
  • 9.Surge arrester
  • 10.DG Battery charger
  • 11.Change over Switches
  • 12.Aviation lamp Switches
  • 13.Remote monitoring unit using GSM/GPRS/CDMA.
  • 14.Fast correction of voltage fluctuations
  • 15.AC Power Distribution with Mcb’s protection
  • 16.DC fan Controller
  • 17.LED indications for various parameters
  • 18.Isolated RS 232 interface
  • 19.Display unit
  • 20.Energy Management
  • 21.Multiple cable entry options
  • 22.IP 20 protection
  • 1.Avoids power factor surcharge / penalty
  • 2.Enables in securing power factor incentive
  • 3.Brings down Maximum Demands, lowers the fixed Charge and billing demand
  • 4.Reduces current and hence losses in the circuit
  • 5.Voltage regulation improves